Sandra Millen
President 2019-2021

March 2020

A big thank you is extended to the members (almost half the membership) who attended the General meeting on January 27. The motion to raise the Club membership fees by $16 was carried unanimously.

This increase will allow us to cover the recent $6.00 CFUW fee plus the $10 CFUW fee that was applied a few years ago and which our own fees were not raised to cover. As a result the Club has been paying $10 for each member for the past 6 years. It is recognized that this UWC membership fee increase is the first one since 2009 when the fee was set at $365 (a dollar a day) plus the CFUW fee, currently $72, so that our dues have been $437.

As a result of the members’ decision to raise the Club fees this year, each regular member will be assessed $453.00. This works out to approximately $40 a month for those of us who budget our finances on a monthly basis. Our fees may be submitted monthly, biannually, or paid in full during the month of May. The good news regarding payment is that fees can now be paid by cheque, or by VISA or by e-transfer whichever is your preference. One notice regarding the VISA payment is that there will be a 5% surcharge applied for the credit card use.

The days are lengthening. As the song goes, “We will survive”. There are excellent programs and activities at the Club. Enjoy!

Sandra Millen

Board of Directors 2019 - 2020

Left to Right: Ruth Suderman (Scholarship), Debby Brown (Co-Treasurer), Carolynne Presser (VP Management),
Dianne Shefford (Secretary), Ellen Peel (VP Activities), Sandy Millen (President), Maria Grajewska (Membership),
Linda Asper (Past President), Muriel Rhind (Bulletin), Sue Bishop (FRCH, Continuing Ed.),
Agnes Collins (Constitution), Sherratt Moffat (Program), Faye Hansen (House  & Grounds),
Pat Elliott ( CFUW, Interest Groups)


Board of Directors 2018 - 2019

(Photo by Sandy Millen)

Standing L-R: Joan Stone (CIA), Sue Bishop (VP Activities), Muriel Rhind (Bulletin),  
Carolynne Presser (Past President), Marg Cuddy (FRCH rep),
Debby Brown (Co-Treasurer), Maria Grajewska (Membership),

Seated L-R:  Faye Hansen (VP Management), Heather Menzies (Secretary),
Linda Asper (President), Leona MacDonald ( Co-Treasurer,  CFUW)

Board of Directors 2017 - 2018

Standing (L to R): Muriel Rhind ( Bulletin Editor, ex officio Board member),
Heather Menzies (Secretary), Carolynne Presser (Past President),
Joan Stone (Current Issues & Actions)
Sitting (L to R): Margaret Cuddy (FRCH rep.), Faye Hansen (VP Management), Linda Asper (UWC President),
Leona MacDonald (Co-Treasurer, CFUW Liaison), Sue Bishop (VP Activities)
Absent: Deborah Brown (Co-Treasurer), Susan Johnsen (Membership),
Linda Thomas (Communications)

Board of Directors 2016 - 2017

Standing (L to R) Pat Scott (Treasurer), Joan Stone (Issues & Actions),
Linda Asper (VP Management – President Elect), Ruth Berry (Dining Room),
Bev Watts (Continuing Education), Linda Thomas (Communications),
Hilda Wagstaffe (Secretary)
Sitting (L yo R) Faye Hansen ( VP Activities), Sandy Millen (Past President),
Carolynne Presser ( President ), Leona MacDonald (CFUW Liaison),
Susan Johnsen (Membership)



Women for women...

The University Women's Club of Winnipeg honours the vision of the founding members who in 1909 formed the Club, fired by the desire to maintain an association with classmates after graduation and to improve women's place in the community.

To this day, friendships are made and strengthened within the welcoming walls of our heritage home, the Ralph Connor House. Women continue to meet for education, business and pleasure, and to expand their social net by meeting other women.

Our Objectives

* to unite women
* to encourage individual effort toward intellectual development
* to work for the advancement of education, art, science, literature and civic reform
* to promote heritage preservation and the improvement of the environment
* to support the Canadian Federation of University Women in its pursuit of education and advocacy

Our History

Margaret McWilliams did much to further economic, cultural and spiritual betterment of Canada through her service to civic, provincial and national bodies.

A CHARTER MEMBER of UWC, (President 1913-1915)




Margaret McWilliams did much to further economic, cultural and spiritual betterment of Canada through her service to civic, provincial and national bodies. She was the first woman to graduate with a degree in political economy from the University of Toronto (1898). A charter member of the University Women's Club of Winnipeg, she served as its President in 1913, and within a few years transformed its mission to one of education and social reform. In 1919, she was a founder and first President of the Canadian Federation of University Women. As a writer, historian and political scientist she published a book of women's history, Women of Red River (1923), a book on her impressions of Russia, (1927), a history of Manitoba (1928), a Blueprint for Canadian Social and Economic Reform (1931) and a book on the Political Institutions of Canada (1948).

In the 1930's, McWilliams served four consecutive terms as Winnipeg's second woman alder(wo)man, and became chair of the important Health and Unemployment Relief committees. In the 1940's, she helped revitalize the Manitoba Historical Society and was president when an unprecedented amount of research was conducted, an achievement yet unparalleled. As a writer and a lecturer on current events, and as Chairperson of the Subcommittee on Post-war Problems of Women (of the Advisory Committee on Reconstruction) in 1943, McWilliams made significant contributions to Canadian information and public affairs. She established and maintained a Continuing Education program in politics and current events for women. In her honour the Margaret McWilliams College was established at the University Women's Club of Winnipeg.

International Contribution

McWilliams provided inspiration as a charter member and Vice President of the Graduate Women International (1920); as a delegate to the Pacific Relations Conference in Hanchow 1931; as an advisor to the federal government's delegation to the labour conference at the League of Nations, and as a Canadian delegate to the United Nations.

An Honorary Doctorate was bestowed by the University of Toronto, 1948.

Contribution to Winnipeg

Margaret McWilliams symbolizes the tenacious spirit so often displayed in Winnipeg's civic, social and political existence. She was a founder and the first president of the Canadian Federation of University Women which today has 130 branches across Canada. The CFUW was the driving force behind the establishment of the International Federation of University Women in 1920. All three levels, local, national and international, promote the pursuit of knowledge, education, improvement of the status of women, human rights and active participation in public affairs. CFUW supports students through active involvement in educational programs, and through scholarships, bursaries and awards. Local branches across Canada award approximately $250,000 annually. In Winnipeg, $10,500 was awarded this year to students at The University of Manitoba and The University of Winnipeg. This amount grows as the scholarship fund increases, and/or interest rates climb. Nationally, the CFUW provides $40,000 in fellowships and awards annually, including the $10,000 Margaret McWilliams Doctoral Fellowship, open to all Canadians and those who have landed immigrant status for one year.

This is Margaret McWilliams' legacy to Winnipeg!

Margaret McWilliams and husband Roland, the Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba, with the Duke of Kent between them at Government House, Winnipeg, 1941. 

Source: Archives of Manitoba


Privacy Policy of University Women's Club of Winnipeg

Our Commitment

UWC of Winnipeg values the trust of those with whom it deals. Club members shall take all reasonable steps to protect the privacy of the personal information collected and retained on members and others with whom the Club does business.


The duties of the President and the executive committee are outlined in the Policies and Procedures Manual.

Membership Information

UWC of Winnipeg collects personal information about its members through its annual membership application form and through updates to that information provided by members from time to time. Personal information is obtained and retained only to permit communication among members, to conduct Club business, to prepare and publish an annual membership list, to maintain a Club website and to provide the information required by the University Women's Club of Winnipeg and Canadian Federation of University Women at the provincial level, Canadian Federation of University Women at the national level and Graduate Women International. Personal information shall not be used for any other purposes or shared with any third parties. No information is collected from visitors to our website.


The consent of members to the collection, use or disclosure of personal information is required.

Limiting Collection

The personal information collected shall be limited to that which is necessary for the purposes described above.

Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention of Information

Personal information shall not be used or disclosed for purposes other than those for which it was collected, except with the consent of the individual or as required by law. UWC of Winnipeg shall retain personal information provided to it only for so long as it is required for the purposes stated above. Once the personal information is no longer required for the stated purposes, or upon the request of an individual member of the Club, such personal information shall be destroyed in a secure manner.


UWC of Winnipeg shall take all reasonable steps to maintain the accuracy of the personal information retained by the Club.


UWC of Winnipeg shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information provided to it is not used for the purposes other than those for which the information was obtained.


UWC of Winnipeg shall provide, upon request, information about its policies and procedures respecting the management of personal information.


Upon request to the Membership Chair, any individual shall be informed of the existence, use and disclosure of her personal information and shall be given access to that information. An individual shall be able to correct the accuracy and completeness of her information and have it amended or deleted as appropriate.

Date of Effect

This Policy shall be in effect as of November 17, 2015

Review and Revision

UWC of Winnipeg shall, from time to time, review and revise its privacy practices and this policy. If any changes are made, members shall be notified. 



1909-10 Dr. Mary Crawford

1910-11 Miss Margaret Johnston

1911-12 Mrs. H.R. Hadcock

 Miss Eva L. Jones

1912-13 Dr. Mary Crawford

1913-15 Mrs. Margaret McWilliams

1915-17 Miss Elsie Moore

1917-18 Mrs. L.B. Copeland - Miss Margaret Springate

1918-19 Miss Margaret Springate - Mrs. G.L. Lennox

1919-20 Mrs. G.L. Lennox

1920-21 Mrs. Lillian Siddall

1921-22 Miss E.M. MacDougall

1922-23 Mrs. Lila Honeyman

1923-24 Miss Myrtle Lewis

1924-26 Mrs. W.W. Cross

1926-28 Mrs. C.A. Hallberg

1929-30 Mrs. Leonard Heaton

1930-32 Mrs. M.M. Stewart

1932-34 Mrs. J.S. DeLury

1934-36 Dr. Olive Cole

1936-38 Mrs. F.G. Ritchie

1938-39 Mrs. C. Rhodes Smith

1939-41 Mrs. H.B. Sommerfeld

1941-43 Mrs. Norman James

1943-45 Miss Doris Saunders

1945-47 Miss Avis Clark ( became Mrs. R. F. McWilliams)

1947-49 Miss Lela McKnight

1949-51 Mrs. W.B. Doerksen

1951-53 Mrs. C. Rhodes Smith | Mrs. C.S. Gow

1953-55 Mrs. C.S. Gow

1955-57 Mrs. Ruth Ashmore

1957-59 Mrs. Genevieve Brownell

1959-61 Dr. Myrtle Conway

1961-63 Mrs. Harold Plant

1963-65 Mrs. W.W. Smith

1965-67 Vivian Clark

1967-69 Elinor Woods

1969-71 Margaret Jensen

1971-73 Yvonne Whitehead

1973-75 Muriel Thomson

1975-77 Frances Bowles

1977-79 Freda Gray

1979-81 Shirley Bradshaw

1981-83 Dr. Alice M. Cheatley

1983-84 Nina Phillips

1984-86 Genevieve Doidge

1986-88 Dr. Elizabeth Feniak

1988-90 Doris Mae Oulton

1990-92 Joyce P. Hill

1992-93 Elisabeth Bevis

1993-95 Sue Irving

1995-97 Donna M.L. Blight

1997-99 Betty Shearer

1999-2001 Mary Scott

2001-03 Lorraine Cook

2003-05 Muriel Smith

2005-07 Helen Norrie

2007-09 Janet E. Goldack

2009-11 Celine Kear

2011-13 Sylvia Marsh

2013-15 Sandra Millen

2015-17 Carolynne Presser

2017-19 Linda Asper

2019-21 Sandy Millen


Our name can be misleading! No, the University Women's Club of Winnipeg is not exclusively for graduates from the University of Manitoba or the University of Winnipeg.

In fact in recognition of the far wider variety of opportunities available for today's women following their graduation from secondary school, we have several members who did not attend university. They pursued other forms of education and training. When they explored what the UWC of Winnipeg could offer them, they were impressed by its goals and activities. 

Post Secondary Institutions Attended by Members


Bedford College, Nova Scotia

Brandon University, Manitoba

Canadian Mennonite University, Winnipeg

Cardiff University, Wales

Carthage College, Wisconsin

Clarke College, Iowa

Columbia University, New York

Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia

Diplome d'universite de Paris

Edinburgh University, Scotland

Hunter College, New York

Kent State University, Ohio

Kwantlen College, Surrey, BC

Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, ON

Laval University, Quebec City

Le Francais International Laval University

London School of Economics, UK

McGill University, Montreal

Memorial University, Newfoundland

Middlebury College, Vermont

Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts

Northwestern University, Chicago

Nursing School, Grace Hospital

Nursing School, Health Sciences Centre, Winnipeg

Nursing School, Toronto Western Hospital

Nursing School, Winnipeg Children's Hospital

Ohio State University

Oxford University, UK

Pennsylvania State

Pratt Institute, New York

Purdue University, Indiana

Queen's University, Kingston

Reykjavik Art School, Iceland

Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto

San Marcos University, Peru

School of Psychiatric Nursing, Selkirk

Sir George Williams University, Montreal

St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia

Un. of Alberta

Un. of British Columbia

Un. of Calgary

Un. of Manchester, UK

Un. of Manitoba

Un. of Michigan

Un. of Minnesota

Un. of North Dakota

Un. of Ottawa

Un. of Prince Edward Island

Un. of Saskatchewan

Un. of Toronto

Un. of Western Ontario

Un. of Windsor, Ontario

Un. of Winnipeg

Un. of Wisconsin

Waterloo Lutheran University, Ontario

York University, Toronto