Presidents Messages

February 2018

Thank you to Susan Johnsen for her commitment to the Club as Membership Chair! You will be missed. Thanks to Susan Dietz, a new member, for the corsages you made and distributed at the December dinner. Nice touch!

Our UWC Board is focused on several strategies in the next year in an effort to remain in Ralph Connor House. These are renegotiation of our lease with FRCH, a Fundraising committee, a committee on Partnerships/Rentals,and a committee on Plan B (UWC without the House). Time and effort are required to do this work. Thank you to our members who are serving in these roles. Two more volunteers are needed to explore Grant Possibilities with FRCH. See me please!

Time to enjoy Club activities as we look forward to Spring!

Linda Asper

December 2017

Bravo to everyone who worked on the Christmas Market under the lead-ership of Penni Churko! You gave us two days of excitement and many good-ies! With your hard work, you helped our Club financially! 

As follow-up to the September meeting about our Club’s sustainability, our Club Board approved this motion on November 21: 

Given the feedback from UWC members at the September 14 General Meeting and given UWC’s current financial situation, that, over the next 18 months: 

1. UWC take reasonable and responsible action to continue renting Ralph Connor House within

UWC’s financial means, 

2. UWC renegotiate its current lease with FRCH, 

3. UWC establish a fundraising committee with terms of reference, 

4. UWC establish a partnerships/ rental committee with the goal of renting the second floor of

Ralph Connor House as early as January 2018, and 

5. UWC establish a committee to explore Plan B, UWC without Ralph Connor House.

A separate committee is being established for each action with work to begin now.
At the same Board meeting, the following motions regarding CFUW and GWI were approved: 

1. That the University Women’s Club Winnipeg sponsor a motion at the 2018 CFUW AGM that allows the individual Club member to decide whether or not to pay GWI fees to CFUW to be remitted to GWI. 

2. That University Club Winnipeg withhold any GWI fees that are part of its CFUW fees, effective immediately, and that this portion of the CFUW fees be held in a separate account for future use as decided by the University Women’s Club Board. 

If you would like to meet with me to discuss any of these actions taken by the Board, I will be available on Thursday, November 30, 3:00 pm, at the Club. I also would invite any other Board members to join me for this discussion. Bar 54 follows. If you would prefer to phone or email me about these actions, please do so. It is time to move forward!

I wish you all a happy holiday season with family and friends!
May the New Year bring you joy and good health! 

Nov 2017

On September 14, 2017, we held a general meeting to discuss UWC’s fu-ture sustainability in Ralph Connor House. Rosalyn Howard, Club member and session facilitator, organized the discussion notes into themes and sent all to me on October 9. This was shared with our Board for its October 17 meeting and discussed in detail by our Executive on October 23. The subsequent draft recommendations will be reviewed again by the Executive at its regular Novem-ber meeting, then presented to the November Board meeting. I have posted a copy of Rosalyn's report on the bulletin board outside Maggi’s office. 

Should you have any comments or questions, please contact me. Thank you to all our members who realized the importance of this matter and partici-pated in the session. We benefitted from Rosalyn’s expertise and hopefully our shared wisdom will lead to wise decisions within the next 18 months. 

We are delighted to report that Leona MacDonald and Deborah Brown will act as our Co– Treasurers.

Bob Darling represented FRCH at the September meeting and I have met with Greg Thomas, FRCH President, to initiate positive dialogue on this and other topics. We will move forward in a spirit of sharing and cooperation. One immediate concern is the future of the carriage house. It has recently been broken into twice. With the riverbank erosion of one foot a year, it threatens to slide into the river.

Carolynne Presser and I have met four times with our West Gate neighbours (properties from the library to the school) and FRCH reps regarding a riverbank stabilization project. Cornish Library is planning an addition and stabilization of its riverbank in the coming months. We have been left out of the equation. Now we are in a political action process to resolve this matter. 

While you are enjoying the activities at the Club and pursuing your Club volunteer work, please think of the issues your Board is dealing with and help foster realistic feasible solutions. 

Enjoy the Christmas market!

Oct 2017

Thank you to our members who attended our special September meeting to give input about our future as a Club. A special thanks to Roz Howard who facilitated the session and will be giving us a report to pursue the review. 

Pat Scott who has served as our Treasurer has decided to move on to other challenges. We thank her for her contribution and hard work in chairing the Finance Committee and serving as a Board member. 

We are losing a foot of riverbank each year. Our neighbours have been meet-ing about a riverbank stabilization project with UWC and FRCH representa-tion. The goal is to seek government funding with 10% property owner funding to protect the riv-erbank from the Library to Westgate Mennonite Collegiate. 

Support our Club! Join us for a meal! Play Mah Jong, Scrabble, bridge! Enjoy a course or program speaker and interact with one another! There is a wealth of activities this Fall!

Sept 2017

For those of us who attended Dale Laird’s memorial service, it was comfort-ing in that it helped us overcome the shock of Dale’s sudden passing and gave us the opportunity to celebrate her life with her family and friends. Now we will carry on with her project, the Home Tours, as a way to honour her and keep her memory alive. Volunteers are needed. Contact Dianne Beaven at 204.489. 4145. Your help is needed. (see page 10) 

On Thurs. September 14 at 2:00 pm, we will join together for a special meeting to discuss future options for the University Women’s Club given our financial situation. Your ideas and wisdom are important. Please sign the registration sheet at the Club and be there on Sept. 14. (see box below) 

The Club has been a beehive of activity this summer with bridge, Mahjong, Scrabble and other events. A highlight has been the meals offered— buffet lunches, Express lunches, a pig roast and an Arctic char dinner. Bravo to Chamberlyn’s for the variety of dishes and the tasty food! 

Now we turn our attention to the Fall months with no lack of activities and meals to draw you to the Club! Let’s see you at the Fashion Show, the Home Tour, the Jazz Evening and the Christmas Market! Massage your brain at Continuing Education sessions! We need your participation at the Club to make it thrive!