March 2018

The 2017 charitable income tax receipts for your 2017 donations were sent out the week of Feb 9 to Feb 16. If by any chance you did not receive these or have any questions about these tax receipts contact Willy Slipetz, Chair , or Lorna Pyrih, Treasurer .

We expect to hear in the very near future, some information about the Marion Mills bequest, as the executor has completed the majority of the estate administration.

The Shirley Bradshaw Scholarship Fund held at the University of Manitoba provides an undergraduate and a graduate Scholarship, and requires authorization from the University Women's Club or a designate since Shirley Bradshaw's death. We received the terms of reference for these 2 scholarships and need to include them with our scholarships.
The trustees are also revisiting the terms of reference for the Joanne Greene Memorial Scholarship as it has not been awarded for the last 2 years. We continue making great strides in our archival research and clean up.

Our next meeting is April 13, 2018 10:00 am at the club at which we hope to receive a report from our financial advisor.

February 2018

Thank you to all the donors to the Scholarship Trust Fund and to all the club members that attended the Scholarship Trust Celebration Tea, which featured the Prairie Theatre Exchange School, to which we annually give a $200 bursary. Our next meeting will be on February 9, 2018 at which we will send out the 2017 charitable tax receipts. If you would like your tax receipt earlier than that, please contact Lorna Pyrih, our treasurer, at 204.668.3178. If you have not donated to the Scholarship Trust Fund and would like to do so, send in your donation to the club before Jan. 1, 2018 to receive your 2017 charitable tax receipt.

To all, and the club, a Happy and Healthy 2018.

Scholarship Trust Fund Celebration

Left to Right: Loc Lu, Willy Slipetz, Agnes Collins, Gislina Patterson

Scholarship Trust Fund Celebration

Our annual celebration will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 18 from 1:30 to 3:30 pm in the pleas-ant surroundings of the Living Room. Refreshments will be served. 

We are highlighting this year our Prairie Theatre Exchange bursary which goes to their Theatre School. Our speakers are Lac Lu and Gislina Patterson, both from PTE. Personal invitations along with the Scholarship's second annual report to all members of the club have been sent out Sept 27, in which we solicit your atten-dance at this celebration as well as donations to the Scholarship Trust Fund. About half of our scholarship awards are financed directly by your annual gifts, for which we are grateful. Friends, relatives, non-members of the club are very welcome to attend this event, which gives you the opportunity to show Ralph Connor House and highlights one of the many activities of the club.

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UWC Scholarship Fund Trustees 2017/18

Back Row (L to R): Anne Dunlop, Lorna Pyrih (Treas.),  Linda Wilson, 
Nettie Peters,  Ruth Berry,  Ruth Suderman
Front Row (L to R): Marg Cuddy,  Willy Slipetz (Chair), 
Agnes Collins,  Judy McDonald (Sec.)
Absent:  Grace Johnson,  Rhoda Sewell,  Winnie Warkentin


THIS FUND ADMINISTERS THE FOLLOWING SCHOLARSHIPS AND BURSARIES.  A charitable tax receipt is available for donations.


1 Faculty of Graduate Studies (Arts)


Faculty of Arts

2 Jubilee Scholarship

Faculty of Science

3 Dr. Diane Dowling Memorial

Faculty of Music

4 Gladys McIntyre Memorial

5 Edity Motley Memorial

6 Bethia Henry Memorial

Faculty of Nursing

7 Elizabeth Ann Russell Memorial

8 Joanne Greene Memorial Scholarship

Faculty of Health Sciences

9 Dr. Vivian Bruce

10. Mildred Simmons Memorial

Asper School of Business

11 Jean Rorke Memorial

Faculty of Kinesiology & Recreational Studies

12 Elsie Gauer Memorial

Graduate Studies Department of French

13 Margaret R. Pope Memorial

Faculty of Education

14 Patty Kirk Memorial

15 Catherine (Caye) Scott Memorial


16 Margaret Waterman Memorial



17 Mary Talbot Memorial

Theatre and Film

18 Bethia Henry Memorial


19 Bethia Henry Memorial

English Literature

20 E. Phyllis Smith Memorial

Education (Aboriginal Student, Bursary)

21 Winifred Gamble Memorial


22 Creative Communications degree program


23 Gertrude Mueller Memorial Scholarship


24 Winnipeg Youth Orchestra

25 Prairie Theatre Exchange

26 Royal Winnipeg Ballet