The Sunroom Group  has a long history with the University Women's Club. Over fifty years ago when the membership was several hundred and volunteer/ committee work involved significant time and energy, a dedicated few began to set up a gathering of kindred spirits. Their sole purpose was to celebrate friendship. Once a week they gathered to exchange all of their current events, memories,joys and sorrows along with a cup of tea or coffee. There were no responsibilities or duties attached other than to meet with and care for one's friends. 

That is the purpose of our group to this day and the sound of laughter from the sunroom on any Thursday afternoon attracts others in the House .A warm and inviting welcome to everyone is  assured.


On March 12 we were happy to share a very special birthday with Marj McLean who became 98 on the following day. To make the day perfect, her great grandson, Oskar, joined us. At almost a year old, Oskar smiled and charmed all and toddled his way into everyone's heart.

Marj's fun loving wit brings laughter and good cheer wherever she goes. We are so lucky to have this wise and amazing person in the Club. She has been a member for more than 50 years!

Happy Birthday Marj "and many more".