Literary Accomplishments

54 West Gate: Stories of Ralph Connor House?

This  fully illustrated award-winning book was written by  the members of the University Women's Club and Friend's of Ralph Connor House. It was published in 2005 as part of the application for the designation of a  National Heritage site which was granted in 2009.
The House is now more than a100 years old. The book describes the Gordon family from the mid 19th century, their tenancy in the House and beyond. It continues with mid - 20th century UWC life in the House and the formation of the Friends of the Ralph Connor House in the early 21st century. 

54 West Gate is an easy read and makes an excellent gift for the price of $ 20.00. All proceeds are directed to the preservation of this National Historic site. It is available through the Club office and at local book stores. 



The First Women of 54 West Gate ­ Helen Gordon and Her Six Daughters

"An affectionate compilation by the Heritage House Conservation Committee--Book Project Team" which included Jan Christie, Agnes Collins, Lorraine Cook, Diane DeGraves, Irene Legg and Dianne Shefford.

"Much has been written about Rev. Charles W. Gordon (Ralph Connor) and his son, King, and about their distinguished careers. This book focuses on the lives and achievements of Helen and her six daughters: Mary, Gretta, Lois, Ruth, Marjorie and Alison--the first women to give life to the house at 54 West Gate in Winnipeg."

The book depicts the lives of seven spirited, talented and capable Canadian women. It is a compilation covering almost 150 years to tell the stories of the the Gordon women. They lived through good times and bad, two world wars, floods, depressions, ,from horse and buggy days to moon walks and electric cars.

The book is available at the Club office at 54 West Gate for $20.

The Most Important Available Reserve of Manpower

Morriss, Geraldine (editor)


In the House of Commons on March 24, 1942, Prime Minister Mackenzie King stressed what had become patently obvious: Canadian women “were the most important available reserve of manpower.”  Hence the title of this book written by a team of members of the University Women’s  Club of Winnipeg. It was a fundraiser for the club’s Scholarships.  A collection of fascinating accounts of how the member herself or a female relative played a role in the Canadian war effort in either World War 1 or World War 2.

Published in 1996, this book is a series of wartime recollections by members and friends of the University Women's Club of Winnipeg. It is available on and websites,  Winnipeg book stores which carry rare or used books and in the Winnipeg Public Library system.





This book is another team effort by members of three Manitoba women Clubs of the Canadian Federation of University Women ... It was published in 2000, containing 95 pages and the Forward by Doris Mae Oulton.

The book is dedicated to Helen Gordon, 1876 ­ 1961 , wife of the Rev. Charles W. Gordon (Ralph Connor).. A mother of 7 children who was a tireless worker for her church and community.

The focus is on 42 Manitoba women who , as of 2000, had not received significant recognition for their contributions to their communities.



The chapters involve:

Women & the Fur Trade Women & Commerce Women in the Labour Force
Farm Women Women & Education Women as Community Builders
Women & the Arts Women in Wartime Community Activists
Women as Healers    

This book was a great success and is now available on both Amazon websites, in the library systems of Winnipeg and Toronto from booksellers who have rare and used books and the Manitoba Legislative Library on Vaughan Street.  ISBN 0­9687880­4­9.