What is a Goods & Services Auction fundraiser?

A Goods & Services Auction is similar to a Silent Auction – with UWC members donating a good or service. Other UWC members buy the good or service – and give payment for their purchase directly to UWC. Members have the opportunity to share their time, knowledge, expertise, or goods with other members who are willing to pay a premium for the good or service because they are contributing to the financial wellbeing of UWC.  

What GOODS or SERVICES can I donate?

Anything you want! Perhaps you could:

·       Offer a session to share your knowledge or skills on: knitting, sewing, crafting; tips for computer use; water colouring; gardening; photography; interior design; investing; wine making; pickle ball

·       Host a lunch or dinner at your home – themed perhaps?

·       Host a movie or games night at your home 

·       Host a meal or a visit at your cottage   

·       Take a member out to lunch, a concert, an event

·       Donate baking, canned goods, crafts, sewing, knitting, gift cards     

Fun and creativity are welcomed!

How do I sign up to offer a GOOD or SERVICE?

·       In-person. Obtain a paper copy of the Goods & Services Auction form at UWC. Fill out the form by hand. Submit the form to the office. The office will post the form. 

·       Electronically/Online. Download a copy of the form, found below, and open in Microsoft Word. Save the completed form and email it to uwc@mymts.net. The office will handle the rest.

Where do I see what GOODS and SERVICES are being offered?

·       At UWC, where all the Goods & Services Auction forms will be displayed.

·       Online, where a complete list of the Goods & Services being auctioned, with the starting bid, will be posted.

·       Weekly Updates of the Goods & Services being auctioned will be emailed to members.   

How do I bid on GOODS or SERVICES?

·       In-person. Write your offer (by hand) on the Goods & Services Auction forms on display at UWC. 

·       Email the office with your bid. The office will enter your bid on to the paper copy of the form at UWC.

What is the timeline for the Goods & Services Auction fundraiser?

·       January 29 to March 5 – Submit your Goods & Services Auction forms. The earlier the better!

·       Jan 30 – March 12 – Make a bid.

·       Mid-March – Highest bidders will be notified.

·       By April 1 – Highest bidders will submit payment to UWC for the Goods & Services they have purchased.

Auction FAQs

For items where only item/service can be won the answer is simple – highest bid wins!

For items where multiple bids can win, like the Wine and Watercolour for 4, the highest combination of bids wins, even if that means that not all spots will be filled.


Bid 1: $35 for 1 place

Bid 2: $35 for 1 place

Bid 3: $100 for 4 places

Bid 4: $35 for 1 place

In this case bids 1, 2, and 4 would win with a combined $105 bid.

Items can be bid on as many times as desired by members until the auction closes on March 12th. If someone outbids you, you can raise your bid to become the leader again and again.

Auction items available as of February 24th

Items will be posted as they become available, and a weekly update will be sent to members! Photos of certain items are available at UWC. If you would like to bid on one (or more) of the items listed please contact the office at uwc@mymts.net or 204-954-7880, or drop in to UWC in person!

Do you have a Good or Service to donate?

Click on the form below to save a copy to your computer, and return your completed form to the office.

If you run into any problems email Ali at uwcmember@mymts.net and she can email you a copy.